Hotel La Rosiere, La Rosiere

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From £1766 PP (For 6 Days)
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  • Premium accommodation from superior to suite
  • Ski lift pass
  • Ski & snowboard lessons for all levels
  • Gourmet full-board cuisine, specialty restaurant,and all-day snacks
  • Open bar with a selection of spirits, wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Kids’ clubs from 4 months* to 17 years
  • A wide range of non-skiing activities
  • Ski/ snowboard service room and equipment storage
  • Evening entertainment

Perched 1900 metres above sea level, Club Med La Rosiere – known as ‘The Balcony of the Tarentaiseski – is known for its exceptional 180° panoramic south-facing view.

A chic and intimate Savoyard jewel perfect for families, stone and wood cladding that dominates La Rosiere Accommodation has been carefully developed by the inhabitants of Montvalezan for a truly authentic ambience. Step inside the buildings to enjoy Savoyard interior design that tells the fabulous story of the Petit St Bernard pass.

This French family resort is steeped in history, tradition and breath-taking nature. Dotted with chalets built from stone, wood and slate, this magical village also hosts various events and competitions over winter, bringing together the world’s best freestyle skiers. You’ll also see lots of Saint Bernards here. Thanks to the dog’s role in searching for lost travellers in the mountains, this breed is a special symbol of La Rosière.

In the shadow of Mont Blanc, La Rosiere Ski holidays offer thrilling sport in an area that has seen Hannibal crossing the Alps on elephant and numerous pilgrims making their weary way to the splendour of Rome. For an extra special experience, stay in the Exclusive Collection area offering balconies with magical views of glorious Savoyan summits.

Accommodation & Transport
It's all included in the price accommodation at our resorts and you have the option to book your flights with us. If you decide to book your package with flights then direct transfers to and from the resort to the airport is included in the price therefore less stress and money trying to organise transfers.
Gourmet cuisine and open bar
When it comes to meals, our all-inclusive deals include delicious cuisine, including speciality restaurants with waiter service. Enjoy a glass of wine, beer or soft drinks with your meal. Including an open bar which offers a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages – it’s all included in the price.

Le Mont Valaisan

You’ll be eating under the watchful eye of the Saint Bernards that stand guard in each of the restaurant's four spaces, separated by elegant slatted wooden partitions. This charming space has been inspired by mountain life with a special area reserved for families featuring soft colours, flowers and Christmas baubles.

San Bernardo Gourmet lounge

The San Bernardo Gourmet Lounge is open all day to satisfy appetites large and small, transforming into an intimate restaurant when night falls. You’ll love the table service, subdued ambiance and a menu featuring the specialities of Savoie and the Aosta Valley. Will it be fondue savoyarde or polenta with ceps? Tartiflette or Tometta? All you have to do is choose.

Salon Cheminée

The view over the Haute Tarentaise Valley is amazing. Settle down in the Salon Cheminée (reserved for adults only) in a chesterfield sofa with a good book, or at a table to quietly get on with some work. It's the perfect place for those in search of a bit of peace and quiet. The full-length picture windows look out on the stunning scenery and encourage quiet contemplation of the mountain in all its beauty. With its fireplace and cosy corner where you can get yourself a coffee, the atmosphere is warm and soothing.

San Bernardo

Order a cocktail, sit back and relax and admire the stunning view across the valley. Alternatively, try a glass of wine from Savoie or the Aosta Valley with a plate of charcuterie, Or maybe after a great day of skiing you just want a warming drink? All this and more awaits you in the bar at the Gourmet Lounge where you’ll enjoy the cosy ambience of a mountain chalet.

Hannibal Bar

Knock the snow from your shoes and embrace the welcoming atmosphere of the main bar with its wooden furniture, dry stone cladding and elegant chesterfields. Sit near the bar and the stage to enjoy the entertainment. For some quiet reflection, head for the large picture windows that open up a world of stunning views. Sink down into the deep sofas in the salon with its inviting fireplace, available to anyone looking for a more intimate space.

Lessons & mountain guide
All our Club Med ski resorts offer ski lessons for beginners and mountain guides for the more experienced skiers with professional english speaking instructors. Groups are arranged according to the different levels beginner, intermediate or advanced for both Skiing and snowboarding.
Ski pass & Ski equipment*
When you book a 7 night package with Club Med your ski pass is included and available at reception on your arrival. Therefore no time to waste and get skiing straight away. Rent your equipment, at an extra cost, with ski rooms and heated locker rooms available to store your ski & snowboard equipment.
Kids Clubs & Childcare
At Club Med we aim to make it an unforgettable ski experience for families. Our professional staff at our Kids Clubs will help make sure children enjoy every second of their holiday... Making new friends and learning to ski with professional instructors. Kids Clubs available from 4 months - 17 years
Apres Ski & Entertainment
Skiing and snowboarding might be a large part of your ski holiday but at Club Med we also make sure we take care of the rest. Relax by the indoor pool, enjoy the day at the spa or relax by the bar with a cocktail and enjoy the live band and evening shows put on by our professional G.O's.


Single Room
23 – 25 m²
Maximum capacity:
2 people
With wood-panelled walls, floral motifs, including an edelweiss on the floor, and a bell by way of a bedside lamp, the room has a welcoming mountain feel about it. The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by wooden sliding doors.

Interconnecting Superior Rooms
Connecting Rooms
46 – 50 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
Families love this arrangement. The rooms are communicating and create a big space that kids and adults can share. The decor puts the focus on mountain life, with wooden furniture, shimmering colours and pretty, floral motifs.

Interconnecting Superior Rooms
Connecting Rooms
46 – 50 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
Families love this arrangement. The rooms are communicating and create a big space that kids and adults can share. The decor puts the focus on mountain life, with wooden furniture, shimmering colours and pretty, floral motifs.

Superior Room – Balcony
Single Room
23 – 28 m²
Maximum capacity:
2 people
The wood, the edelweiss on the floor and the bell by way of a bedside lamp give this room a lovely atmosphere. The room is spacious and attractively decorated and opens onto a furnished balcony.

Interconnecting Superior Rooms – Balcony
Connecting Rooms
46 – 56 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
The generous space offered by this layout is particularly popular with families and celebrates the mountain lifestyle. The wood-panelled walls and typical Savoyard details, like the bell and the edelweiss, give it a cosy chalet feel.

Family Superior Room – Balcony
Single Room
37 – 44 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
The room is ideal for families and is designed with 2 separate night-time spaces, a bathroom and a furnished balcony. The room pays homage to mountain tradition. The wood, the bell and the floral motifs typical of Savoie, such as the edelweiss, are all traditional features of alpine chalets.

Superior Room – Mobility Accessible, Balcony
Single Room
24 m²
Maximum capacity:
2 people
Featuring a furnished balcony and a bathroom with a shower suitable for people with reduced mobility, the room pays homage to the mountains. Floral motifs, warm colours and wood come together to create a cosy atmosphere where relaxation is easy.

Deluxe Room
Single Room
27 – 32 m²
Maximum capacity:
3 people
The Deluxe Room is spacious and equipped with a furnished balcony. It is perfect for couples and for families with one young child. An armchair that converts into a bed, separated from the rest of the room by a curtain, offers the perfect sleeping space for young children (11 years of age and younger). The wood, woollen fabrics and decorative elements celebrate mountain tradition.

Interconnecting Deluxe Rooms
Connecting Rooms
54 – 64 m²
Maximum capacity:
6 people
Large families love the space and atmosphere of this combination of rooms. The living room corners can be transformed into sleeping spaces for children (11 years of age and under), ideal for growing families. The decor celebrating the mountains creates a warm cosy living space.

Family Deluxe Room
Single Room
50 – 54 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
This large family room offers the pleasure of plenty of space combined with harmonious colours and materials. It features a balcony, a lounge area and two distinct night-time spaces for children and parents. The room is also characterised by its cosy decor, typical of mountain chalets.

Exclusive Collection Space Suite – with view

Single Room51 – 61 m²

Maximum capacity:2 people

Opening decembre 2023
The cosy atmosphere of this Suite with a view blends modern comfort with traditional Aosta Valley decoration. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Tarentaise valley from the balcony. The spacious Suite consists of a bedroom and a living room with a bathroom and dressing room.

Exclusive Collection Space Family Suite

Single Room72 – 75 m²

Maximum capacity:4 people

Opening december 2023
This Suite has 2 bedrooms, a living room and 2 bathrooms, with a generous amount of space and a cosy atmosphere combining tradition and modernity.

Exclusive Collection Space Master Family Suite – with view

Single Room85 – 90 m²

Maximum capacity:5 people

Opening december 2023
Large families seeking privacy and luxurious comfort will appreciate the generous space of this suite. With two bedrooms, a large living room with an extra bed and 2 bathrooms, the Family Suite is notable for its imposing dimensions. The wrap-around balcony offers spectacular views, and the cosy design elegantly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern amenities.

Our View

A superb All-Inclusive 4* residence, perfect for friends, couples and families alike.

Travel Arrangements

Available as all-inclusive accommodation with flights and transfers from most UK airports or with your own travel arrangements.

Prices are based on Superior Rooms with flights and transfers from the cheapest departure airport or all-inclusive accommodation with no travel. If Superior rooms are unavailable the price is based on an upgraded room type.
Dates # Of Nights Flights Included? Price Enquire
15/12/2024 7 Yes (MAN) £2267.00 Enquire
15/12/2024 6 Yes (EDI) £2015.00 Enquire
16/12/2024 6 Yes (DUB) £1955.00 Enquire
22/12/2024 7 Yes (MAN) £2915.00 Enquire
29/12/2024 7 Yes (EDI) £3311.00 Enquire
05/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2414.00 Enquire
12/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2414.00 Enquire
19/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2414.00 Enquire
26/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2537.00 Enquire
02/02/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2537.00 Enquire
09/02/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2751.00 Enquire
16/02/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £3256.00 Enquire
23/02/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £3015.00 Enquire
02/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2803.00 Enquire
09/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2638.00 Enquire
09/03/2025 7 Yes (MAN) £2346.00 Enquire
09/03/2025 6 Yes (LGW) £2094.00 Enquire
10/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £2080.00 Enquire
10/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2638.00 Enquire
10/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2327.00 Enquire
11/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2308.00 Enquire
11/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £2061.00 Enquire
11/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2619.00 Enquire
12/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2308.00 Enquire
12/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2619.00 Enquire
12/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £2061.00 Enquire
13/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2308.00 Enquire
13/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £2061.00 Enquire
13/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2619.00 Enquire
14/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £2085.00 Enquire
14/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2332.00 Enquire
14/03/2025 8 Yes (BRS) £2659.00 Enquire
15/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2653.00 Enquire
15/03/2025 7 Yes (BRS) £2350.00 Enquire
15/03/2025 6 Yes (LGW) £2068.00 Enquire
16/03/2025 7 Yes (MAN) £2239.00 Enquire
16/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2513.00 Enquire
16/03/2025 6 Yes (MAN) £1987.00 Enquire
17/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2513.00 Enquire
17/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1985.00 Enquire
17/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2218.00 Enquire
18/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2494.00 Enquire
18/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2199.00 Enquire
18/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1966.00 Enquire
19/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1966.00 Enquire
19/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2494.00 Enquire
19/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2199.00 Enquire
20/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2199.00 Enquire
20/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1966.00 Enquire
20/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2494.00 Enquire
21/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2218.00 Enquire
21/03/2025 8 Yes (BRS) £2527.00 Enquire
21/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1990.00 Enquire
22/03/2025 8 Yes (BRS) £2537.00 Enquire
22/03/2025 6 Yes (LGW) £1974.00 Enquire
22/03/2025 7 Yes (BRS) £2233.00 Enquire
23/03/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £2229.00 Enquire
23/03/2025 6 Yes (MAN) £1985.00 Enquire
23/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2500.00 Enquire
24/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2488.00 Enquire
24/03/2025 6 Yes (MAN) £1998.00 Enquire
24/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2206.00 Enquire
25/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1973.00 Enquire
25/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2175.00 Enquire
25/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2457.00 Enquire
26/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2445.00 Enquire
26/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1942.00 Enquire
26/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2162.00 Enquire
27/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2433.00 Enquire
27/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2150.00 Enquire
27/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1931.00 Enquire
28/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2163.00 Enquire
28/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2470.00 Enquire
28/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1943.00 Enquire
29/03/2025 8 Yes (LGW) £2456.00 Enquire
29/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2174.00 Enquire
29/03/2025 6 Yes (LGW) £1915.00 Enquire
30/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2172.00 Enquire
30/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2459.00 Enquire
30/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1979.00 Enquire
31/03/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1943.00 Enquire
31/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2135.00 Enquire
31/03/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2404.00 Enquire
01/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2105.00 Enquire
01/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1889.00 Enquire
01/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2376.00 Enquire
02/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1884.00 Enquire
02/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2102.00 Enquire
02/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2372.00 Enquire
03/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2471.00 Enquire
03/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2201.00 Enquire
03/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1984.00 Enquire
04/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2165.00 Enquire
04/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1979.00 Enquire
04/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2460.00 Enquire
05/04/2025 6 Yes (EDI) £2040.00 Enquire
05/04/2025 7 Yes (EDI) £2251.00 Enquire
05/04/2025 8 Yes (BHX) £2500.00 Enquire
06/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1982.00 Enquire
06/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2432.00 Enquire
06/04/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £2218.00 Enquire
07/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2330.00 Enquire
07/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2085.00 Enquire
07/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1914.00 Enquire
08/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1843.00 Enquire
08/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2283.00 Enquire
08/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2038.00 Enquire
09/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2016.00 Enquire
09/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2310.00 Enquire
09/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1821.00 Enquire
10/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2043.00 Enquire
10/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1798.00 Enquire
10/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2263.00 Enquire
11/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1849.00 Enquire
11/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2020.00 Enquire
11/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2313.00 Enquire
12/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2022.00 Enquire
12/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1766.00 Enquire
12/04/2025 8 Yes (LHR) £2267.00 Enquire
13/04/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £2062.00 Enquire
13/04/2025 6 Yes (DUB) £1853.00 Enquire
14/04/2025 6 Yes (LHR) £1826.00 Enquire

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