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Take a moment to view some of our fantastic ski offers below or better still call one of our consultants today for up to the minute live availability, the very best prices, and the very best advice. How ski pricing works - Ski pricing generally works to a fairly specific pattern. Ski prices start to be released around January for the following season. These prices are sometimes referred to as "Early bird" or "Preview" prices and will be cheaper than prices released in the summer and later. Often coupled with this are further "Early booking bonuses" and the best group booking offers - although post Brexit and Covid these tend to be quite rare. As we approach May/June many of these early booking bonuses disappear and then in June/July the main edition ski brochures and ski prices are released and the group discounts are tweaked to a less favourable rate. Following this at the end of the summer edition 1 (or even edition 2 in the autumn) prices are further amended with gradual increases. These will tend to hold until the ski season gets under way and then tour operators will start to reduce their prices to off-load "perishable stock". These discounted late availability prices are never combined with any other deals. When to book - So, when do you book? Well, that depends on when you wish to travel, where you wish to go to and how many of you there are. If you wish to travel at peak dates then pre-book and book early. Half term, Easter and New Year get booked well in advance and it is rare to see any deals over these dates. If you are travelling mid March or early January then you may wish to hold out. Where do you wish to ski? - If you are looking for a deal to Ischgl, Courchevel 1850, or Lech then forget it; these resorts get booked up quickly. If you are looking for Soll, La Plagne or La Thuile then again you may wish to wait if you can see that availability is wide open. How many or you are there? Well if it's just two you may wish to wait but if you are three and need a single room then you need to book as soon as possible. If you are a group leaving it until late you will get very frustrated, you'll see offers galore on the web but when it comes down to the nitty gritty you will see it is one room here and one room there. For the reasons above ski groups are far better off booking in advance as they will benefit from widest ski selection, best ski availability, and best ski price. Leaving it for a late deal is great if you end up with a holiday sub the cost of provision (so around £500.00 pp or less). Snowfinders sell lots of deals including flights, transfers, accommodation, and food/wine from around £350.00 pp on the late deals market. However, bear in mind that you will not have the same choice as those that booked well in advance and so requirements such as en-suite, close proximity to the piste, decent flight times, choice of departure points, quality of accommodation, quality of cuisine, etc may have to be compromised. Please also bear in mind that when you see a deal with £100.00 off pp this is often still more than the early bird prices that we referred to above in the section "How ski pricing works". Our advice is, book early, take your time, and benefit from the comfort of knowledge that you have booked to your requirements and not settled for what is left in a blind panic to save money. Snowfinders specialise in ski deals and ski offers; we will not be beaten on price and, in fact, many of our prices will be cheaper than going directly to the tour operators as we have negotiated special exclusive discounts. Couple that with the fact that you can view over 100 suppliers products and prices on-line under one roof. So, why trawl the net looking at each operators website when you can view ours and see it all? Better still, call us and speak to our highly knowledgable ski consultants. We will honestly appraise one chalet against another, one hotel against another, and one tour operator against another. We can tell you which chalets will offer okay cuisine and which can offer you a gastro-experience to remember! Sure, the chalet owners all talk about a "pan fried duck breast with a wild berry jus served on a bed of crushed garlic potatoes with braised red cabbage" but we'll tell you which one will deliver and which one will serve you up a rubberised version with over cooked cabbage. “The bitter taste of poor quality remains much longer than the sweet taste of a low price" Your holiday is not all about price, so call us and we will make sure you get the best value for your money.

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