Inghams ski holidays have been operational for a whopping 89 years and the name Inghams is synonymous with skiing. They offer a wide range of ski packages and cater to various destinations across Europe and North America departing from airports all over the UK.

Inghams was a family run business that has evolved into the UK’s premier ski tour operator having gained a reputation for providing high-quality ski holidays with excellent customer service. Their USP today is that they still feel like a family run business with a close knit community of excellent and knowledgeable staff.

Inghams offers a variety of ski holiday options, including accommodation in hotels, chalets, and apartments, as well as flights, transfers, lift passes, and equipment rental. They cater to different budgets and provide options for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

When booking an Inghams ski holiday, you can choose from a range of resorts in countries such as France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, and Andorra. The Inghams team of experienced staff can assist you in selecting the right resort based on your skiing ability, preferences, and requirements. You can customize your holiday by choosing the duration of your stay, type of accommodation, and any additional services you may require.

Inghams has established itself as a reputable tour operator with expertise in ski holidays. Here are some key areas where Inghams demonstrates its expertise:

Extensive Destination Knowledge: Inghams has a wealth of knowledge about various ski destinations worldwide. They have carefully selected a range of resorts in countries such as France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, and Andorra, among others. Their team of experts has in-depth knowledge of these destinations, including the ski areas, accommodation options, facilities, and local attractions.

Ski Resort Selection: Inghams takes pride in choosing high-quality ski resorts that cater to a wide range of skiing abilities and preferences. They carefully consider factors such as the size and variety of ski slopes, snow conditions, après-ski activities, family-friendly facilities, and overall resort atmosphere. Their expertise helps them curate a diverse selection of resorts to suit different budgets and interests.

Accommodation Options: Inghams offers a variety of accommodation options to suit individual preferences and group sizes. This includes hotels, chalets, and apartments. They have expertise in selecting properties that provide comfort, convenience, and proximity to ski slopes and amenities. Inghams works with trusted partners to ensure the accommodation meets their high standards.

Customer Service: Inghams prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. They have a team of knowledgeable staff who are passionate about skiing and dedicated to helping customers find the right holiday. Inghams' customer service team can provide personalized advice and assistance, helping customers choose the best resort, accommodation, and extras to suit their needs.


Additional Services: Inghams goes beyond just providing accommodation and transportation. They offer additional services such as ski lessons, guiding, equipment rental, lift passes, and organized activities. Inghams works with reputable ski schools and instructors to ensure that customers receive quality instruction and have an enjoyable skiing experience.

Tailored Packages: Inghams understands that each customer has unique requirements and preferences. They specialize in creating tailored ski holiday packages, allowing customers to customize their trips based on their budget, group size, preferred accommodation type, and additional services required. Their expertise in creating personalized packages ensures that customers have a memorable and enjoyable ski holiday.

In summary, Inghams has expertise in destination knowledge, ski resort selection, accommodation options, customer service, additional services, and creating tailored packages. This expertise helps them deliver high-quality ski holidays and provide customers with a seamless and enjoyable experience on the slopes.

Inghams also offers additional services such as ski lessons, guiding, and various activities and excursions to enhance your ski holiday experience. They work with reputable ski schools and instructors to ensure that skiers of all levels can improve their skills or learn to ski from scratch.

To book an Inghams ski holiday, you can visit their website or contact their customer service team or better still contact Snowfinders who act as an appointed agent and know the Inghams product inside out. In addition, Snowfinders will be able to offer impartial advice and compare the Inghams holidays with other ABTA and ATOL bonded ski tour operators.