Have you considered taking the train to your ski holiday in The Alps? Although many skiers are put off the idea, train travel to The Alps is advantageous. 

Have you considered taking the train to your next ski holiday to The Alps? Although many skiers are put off the idea of train travel, under the impression that it takes up too much travel time in comparison to flying, and therefore eats up precious time on the slopes; in fact, train travel can ensure you have more skiing time.

When you compare your train journey to the whole experience of flying, including travel to/from the airport, delays, transfers, check-in/check-out routines, you’re actually looking at a similar amount of time to reach your ski destination by train as it takes by plane. And, even better, train travel to The Alps can offer a lot less hassle than aeroplane travel.

Overnight trains to The Alps

Taking an overnight train to The Alps can give you considerably more time on the slopes. Ultimately, you can arrive in the morning and start skiing on your arrival and, you’ll have the day skiing before you leave to go home.

Therefore, taking overnight train travel to The Alps can actually lengthen your time away on the ski slopes. Brilliant!

Taking the Overnight Eurostar

The overnight Eurostar is an excellent service to The Alps, however, the seats are simply recliners and the carriages do not feature flat beds to sleep on.

If you would like an overnight train that features flat beds for a comfortable sleep, then you may prefer to opt for the Eurostar + Couchette sleeper train instead.

That said, taking the overnight Eurostar to the Tarantaise Region of The Alps is a sure-fire way to get an extra couple of days on the slopes and, of course, there is always excitement in the air when you board an overnight train.

Daytime Eurostar travel to The Alps

The daytime Eurostar leaves London every Saturday morning and returns from The Alps the following Saturday morning.

It is a quick and hassle-free way to travel from London to the Tarentaise region of the French Alps. The daytime Eurostar travels directly to Bourg St Maurice, Moutiers and Aime stations. All in all, the journey from London to The Alps on the daytime Eurostar takes approximately 7 to 8 hours.

Stress-free travel

What we love about train travel to The Alps here at Snowfinders is the fact that direct train travel offers far less hassle than flights by plane, and can further improve your ski holiday experience.

Overall, train travel is fast, family-friendly, comfortable and offers great value for money. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Why not opt for train travel for your next ski getaway to The Alps.

You can find out more about train travel options for travel to The Alps and other ski resorts on the Snowcarbon website.

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