The full ski kit including hardware for less than £1,000.

Buying ski clothing and equipment is a costly business, especially for children that will grow out of their skiwear from one season to another. That is why buying just before the new stocks arrive in the summer is a great idea. You’ll get last season's equipment and clothing at a fraction of the price as retailers attempt to empty their shops and warehouses to make way for the next season’s stock. 

The truth is that for the main part designs are tweaked for marketing purposes only. Only very rarely are there new innovations that make a big difference. For equipment hardly anyone will notice (including you) if you have this year’s latest models, especially if you only ski 1-3 weeks a season. It really doesn’t matter so shop wisely and get the best you can afford from last season. 

When it comes to clothing then my advice is to be a little conservative in taste and that way the jacket you buy will last for years. Not only that it can also be doubled up for school, work, or recreational wear here in the UK. it makes total sense, these jackets are designed to withstand the elements and rigorous use so what is the point in spending hundreds of pounds on a gore-tex shell for you to use it just three times in as many years? 

One thing you should be made aware of is that is you are now buying from a website situated in the EU you will be responsible for import duties of around 20% and dont be fooled as may will still display suffixes and UK telephone numbers. 

As an exercise I am going to kit out an experienced skier for all items and demonstrate the savings that can be made by shopping smartly. 

My skier, let’s call him Jack, is 30 years old, fit, an experienced skier including off piste and has a passion for our door sports. He needs a total kit revamp this season and is going big on buying the lot. 



[caption id="attachment_85877" align="alignleft" width="200"]Burton Mens Burton Mens [ak] 2L Cyclic GTX Jacket[/caption]Burton Mens [ak] 2L Cyclic Gore-tex Jacket. 2 layer tough gore-tex jacket being waterproof and breathable with fully taped seams. This jacket is modest but stylish and is equally good on the pistes or mountain walking, or even on the streets. It has a raft of features including zipped hand warmer pockets, zipped chest pocket, mesh-lined zero snag pit zips, powder skirt, jacket to pant interface, contoured storm hood and YKK zips.

Burton Mens [ak] 2L Cyclic GTX Jacket, WAS £380 NOW £190 SAVE £190.






[caption id="attachment_85876" align="alignright" width="162"]Burton Cargo Relaxed Fit Snowboard/Ski Pants Burton Cargo Relaxed Fit Snowboard/Ski Pants[/caption]

Burton Cargo Relaxed Fit Snowboard/Ski Pants. These “Dryside” 2 layer 10k/10k waterproof/breathability pants offer excellent value for money. The “living lining” mimics your ski and the pores open up when warm and close when cold for maximum insulation. Bellowed cargo pockets offer huge amounts of storage and there is also a glove clip, handy for when in that mountain restaurant. The zipped crotch venting allows for warmer days or when things get  energetic. 

Burton Cargo Relaxed Fit Snowboard/Ski Pants. WAS £194.95 NOW £87.73 SAVE £107.22




[caption id="attachment_85875" align="alignleft" width="240"]The North Face Powdercloud Gore-Tex Etip Men's Gloves The North Face Powdercloud Gore-Tex Etip Men's Gloves[/caption]

The North Face Powdercloud GORE-TEX Etip Men's Gloves. Never ever scrimp on ski gloves, I get cold hands and it's the worst so I always ensure I buy a decent pair of gloves. The North Face Gore-Tex breathable and waterproof gloves offer amazing value for money and when they are in the sale it's even better. These stretched nylon gloves are ergonomically curved for an amazing fit. They come complete with elasticated wrist grips so you never need to fear dropping one when on a ski lift. Being gauntlet style prevents snow from getting between your jacket and glove and the E-tip means that they are touch screen compatible without the need to remove the gloves to use your phone but let's face it no one is dialling out with a glove on your hand!

The North Face Powdercloud Gore-Tex Etip Men's Gloves. WAS £90 NOW £45 SAVE £45




Ski Helmet

[caption id="attachment_85874" align="alignright" width="250"]Scott Track Plus ski Helmet Scott Track Plus ski Helmet[/caption]

SCOTT Track Plus Ski Helmet. I’m a big fan of Scott equipment and clothing and this helmet is no exception. Its sleek, stylish and offers a great level of protection. Being black it is a great match for the ski pants and gloves in my ensemble for Jack too. 

There is a good degree of ventilation, adjustable chin strap with fleeced protection, contrasting removable charcoal grey ear warmers for temperature and season changes, and a google clip to the rear. 

Scott Track Plus ski Helmet. WAS £90 NOW £45 SAVE £45



[caption id="attachment_85873" align="alignleft" width="300"]Oakley Flight Deck™ XL Snow Goggles Oakley Flight Deck™ XL Snow Goggles[/caption]

Flight Deck™ XL Snow Goggles. Buying goggles is fraught with problems so buying online you really need to do your research into what the googles offer and what you require. Like skis, it's very hard to get a pair of goggles for all conditions. As the light changes so your lens requirements alter. Lens come in all different tints from clears, to greys, to pinks, to oranges and all colours in between. 

The Oakley Flight Deck is an industry staple, as being stylish with the futuristic no-frame profile it also affords interchangeable lenses for when the light conditions vary. The frameless structure offers maximum field of view. Double lensed to prevent fogging and triple foamed for facial comfort. The googles are notched padded to make wearing over glasses a comfortable fit. 

Oakley Flight Deck™ XL Snow Goggles WAS £177 NOW £88.50 SAVE £88.50


Skis and bindings.

[caption id="attachment_85872" align="alignright" width="300"]Kastle FX95 HP All-Mountain Skis with K13 Attack Bindings. Kastle FX95 HP All-Mountain Skis with K13 Attack Bindings.[/caption]

Kastle FX95 HP Mens All-Mountain Skis 2019 with K13 Attack Bindings. This is an unbelievable deal. Austrian ski manufacturer Kaestle is known for high end, high spec, and high priced ski hardware but one thing you are assured of is quality. The FX95 will not disappoint.  This is a true all mountain ski that is happy on hard packed pistes, groomers, off pistes, moguls and powder. The 95mm waist offers good flotation in deeper snow conditions, the discreet rocker assists on the hard pack with a swift exit of turn. The hollowtech science dampens the ski for precision, stability and power. 

Ski Dimensions: Shovel - 126mm Waist - 95mm Tail - 115mm. This is a ski that is aimed at the advanced to expert skier and comes complete with K13 Attack bindings.  

Kastle FX95 HP All-Mountain Skis with K13 Attack Bindings. WAS £929 NOW £399 SAVE £530


Ski boots

[caption id="attachment_85871" align="alignleft" width="200"]Dalbello Mens Panterra 120 Ski Boots Dalbello Mens Panterra 120 Ski Boots[/caption]

Dalbello Mens Panterra 120 Ski Boots. These Italian boots ooze style and if nothing else you will certainly look the part in them. 

This is a super boot for advanced to expert skiers seeking that spectrum of fully adjustable and controls to ensure the perfect fit and the best results. Based on The popular Krypton range the brand new Panterra 120 I.D. has been a huge success. The addition of a ski/walk mode is an added bonus when skiing in resorts with walking involved. for greater comfort. The revolutionary shell design offers a much lighter overall weight, while Dalbello’s signature 3 Piece Cabrio design provides consistent flex and shock absorption with plenty of responsive power and foot support. Contour 4 Fit Technology allows for an anatomical fit with extra room at the key hot-spots many skiers encounter, while the VFF Fit System enables the forefoot width to be adjusted via the toe buckle. Center Balanced “Rocker” Stance centers the skier over the sweet spot of the ski for more power and control with less effort. The standard ID NOW custom thermo-moldable liners are incredibly lightweight and comfortable, and add even more warmth and shock absorption.

Dalbello Mens Panterra 120 Ski Boots. WAS £375 NOW £112.50 SAVE £262.50

So, we’ve kitted Jack out with a jacket, pants, gloves, helmet, goggles, skis and boots for a total of £967.73 and that's a massive saving of £1268.22. By shopping smartly you really can keep the cost of skiing down. But remember, I haven't done this on a budget for a beginner or low level intermediate I have done with a good skier in mind using quality equipment, suppliers and materials. 


I hope this helps and I look forward to skiing with you soon.