Transfer snow conditions for half term week 

If you're travelling to or from the mountains in Europe this coming weekend, you need to pay close attention to the weather forecast.

Heavy Snow is forecast for many areas, particularly the North and West Alps, and we expect to see between 10cm and 50cm over the course of the weekend for much of the French and Swiss Alps, the Aosta Valley and the Pyrenees (where some resorts could see a metre of new snow over 3days).

Heavy Traffic also is in the forecast, as this is one of the main changeover weekends for half-term.

Many areas have already seen heavy snow this week, which is continuing as we write.

There will be a lot of precipitation over the weekend BUT the variable in the mix at the moment is the snow line; it's possible that some areas may see rain as high as 2000m at times, and snow as low as 1000m at others! Road conditions will be somewhat variable, as a result, but you MUST be equipped for snow covered roads into resort - winter tyres and chains.

Be prepared for disruption to road and possibly air travel; food and water to sit out any delays, fully charge all your phone and laptop batteries so you can keep updated, and have everything you need where it's easy to get at...

If you're driving, try to time your travel - and adjust your route - to avoid the likely bottlenecks. From the latest forecasts we're expecting the heaviest snow to arrive on Saturday but affected areas will very likely see snow through much of Friday and Sunday too. We'd advise travelling as early as you can, whether going up or down!

If you've not got chains, then go and get some NOW! Don't wait until you get to Bourg Saint Maurice...

And if you're heading out... be patient; you'll have a great time - there's heaps of snow!