The Step into the Void attraction in the Mont Blanc Massif mountain range hangs a kilometre above the Chamonix Valley.

Mountain experiences to set the pulse racing normally require more than simply standing still. Not so with the new glass-bottomed viewing box set at 3842m on the Aiguille du Midi peak near Chamonix, France.

The five-sided box juts out above the Chamonix Valley a kilometre below, offering a rather unsettling place to stand and take in astonishing views of the Mont Blanc Massif mountain range and beyond.


Mont Blanc itself, Western Europe's highest mountain at 4810m, is just next door. The box can withstand winds of 220km/h and a temperature range of 60C.

The glass floor of the box is made of three layers of tempered glass, each 12mm thick.Reached by two cable cars, Pas dans le Vide, or Step into the Void, has been three years in the making and will open to the public this Saturday.

Courtesy of Telegraph ski & Snowboard