Hotel Val d’Isere, Val d'Isere

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From £2348 PP (For 7 Days)
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  • Ski from the door to the vast Espace Killy domain
  • Indoor Pool
  • Cardio and weight training room
  • Evening entertainment
  • Terrace
  • Ski pass included
  • Group lessons included (from 4 years)
  • All meals, wine, beer & soft drinks included
  • Spa (at extra cost)

A village nestled in the hollow of a valley, stone and wooden chalets... welcome to the magic of Val d'Isère. Amongst the most stylish and authentic in the Alps, the resort offers everything that lovers of skiing, fine dining and well-being could possibly want - a spa, pool, yoga and delicious opportunities for idleness. When you walk through the doors of Club Med de Val d’Isère, you will get the chance to discover the only Club Med Exclusive Collection Resort to be located in the mountains. This is a unique opportunity for you to experience another definition of luxury, blending privacy, informality and relaxation for all the family against the perfect backdrop, at the heart of a legendary and internationally famous resort.

Accommodation & Transport

It's all included in the price accommodation at our resorts and you have the option to book your flights with us. If you decide to book your package with flights then direct transfers to and from the resort to the airport is included in the price therefore less stress and money trying to organise transfers.

Gourmet cuisine and open bar

When it comes to meals, our all-inclusive deals include delicious cuisine, including speciality restaurants with waiter service. Enjoy a glass of wine, beer or soft drinks with your meal. Including an open bar which offers a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages – it’s all included in the price.

Le Bellevarde

Le Bellevarde celebrates the village of Val d’Isère and its iconic architecture. Le Mélèze, Le Rocher and La Lauze make up the three distinct spaces in the restaurant. Like a real market hall, the bakery's bread oven, the fishmonger's stall, the Italian deli and the cheese cellar sit side by side with harmony. Sharing plates or plated meals, Le Bellevarde offers a wide variety of services suited to every taste.

Les Millésimes

Like a mountain refuge, Les Millésimes is an exclusive space for a peak gastronomic experience. Come and enjoy local products from both French and Italian cuisine and taste the wine and food pairings suggested by the restaurant's chef and sommelier.
In addition to evening meals*, Les Millésimes welcomes guests from 1 pm onwards for late lunches, and particularly at teatime. Don't miss out on our famous Teatime, where you can enjoy a wide choice delicate pastries in a stylish and cosy tea room ambiance.

Lessons & mountain guide

All our Club Med ski resorts offer ski lessons for beginners and mountain guides for the more experienced skiers with professional english speaking instructors. Groups are arranged according to the different levels beginner, intermediate or advanced for both Skiing and snowboarding.

Ski pass & Ski equipment*

When you book a 7 night package with Club Med your ski pass is included and available at reception on your arrival. Therefore no time to waste and get skiing straight away. Rent your equipment, at an extra cost, with ski rooms and heated locker rooms available to store your ski & snowboard equipment.

Kids Clubs & Childcare

At Club Med we aim to make it an unforgettable ski experience for families. Our professional staff at our Kids Clubs will help make sure children enjoy every second of their holiday... Making new friends and learning to ski with professional instructors. Kids Clubs available from 4 years - 17 years

Apres Ski & Entertainment

Skiing and snowboarding might be a large part of your ski holiday but at Club Med we also make sure we take care of the rest. Relax by the indoor pool, enjoy the day at the spa or relax by the bar with a cocktail and enjoy the live band and evening shows put on by our professional G.O's.


Junior Family Deluxe Room
Single Room
28 – 37 m²
Maximum capacity:
3 people
You’ll feel like your snuggled in a cocoon. The wood warmed by soft lighting and the shimmering colours create a cosy atmosphere. Make the most of the living room* and the spacious bedroom and bathroom.
*The living room can be converted to a child’s bedroom*

Family Deluxe Room – Balcony
Single Room
37 – 41 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
Ideal for families in search of style, space and comfort, the accommodation comprises two bedrooms separated by a large bathroom. The wood, in shades of marron glacé, and the colour scheme dominated by red create a cosy atmosphere where it feels good to get together.

Junior Family Deluxe Room – Balcony
Single Room
28 – 37 m²
Maximum capacity:
3 people
You’ll feel like your snuggled in a cocoon. The wood warmed by soft lighting and the shimmering colours create a cosy atmosphere. Make the most of the living room*, the balcony and the spacious bedroom and bathroom.
*The living room can be converted to a child’s bedroom*

Deluxe Room – Balcony
Single Room
24 – 25 m²
Maximum capacity:
2 people
With a wooden headboard, soft lighting and warm colours, the bedroom has a stylish feel. The bathroom is modern and the storage is practical. Enjoy the balcony and the mountain air.

Interconnecting Deluxe Rooms – Balcony
Connecting Rooms
48 – 50 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
This layout is very suitable for families and large groups in search of space and comfort. The rooms with a cosy ambiance, the balconies, the bathrooms… everything is designed for relaxation.

Junior Family Deluxe Room – Mobility Accessible, Balcony
Single Room
35 m²
Maximum capacity:
3 people
This welcoming spacious room features a balcony and a lounge area. The space is generous and particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility. Enjoy the cosy atmosphere created by the decor, the colours used and the soft lighting.

Family Deluxe Room – Mobility Accessible, Balcony
Single Room
45 m²
Maximum capacity:
4 people
This is the perfect room for families in search of a cosy space to be together. The sleeping spaces are separated to ensure privacy and comfort for all. The warm tones of the decor and the subtle lighting harmoniously blend chic and mountain style.


Single Room49 m²

Maximum capacity:2 people

For lovers of comfort and high-end facilities. The contemporary furniture blends with the warm tones and exquisite wood to create the ideal suite. With a balcony bathed in light, a living room and large bathroom, it’s a great place to hang out.


Junior Family Suite

Single Room43 – 49 m²

Maximum capacity:5 people

Families in search of comfort and privacy love this Junior Suite. The shades of red and the glints of marron glacé create a cosy world. The separate sleeping spaces are a real boon for parents and children. A child under 8 years old can sleep in the living room.


Our View

The legendary slopes of an unspoilt skiing haven in a fantastic setting.

Travel Arrangements

Available as all-inclusive accommodation with flights and transfers from most UK airports or with your own travel arrangements.


Prices are based on Deluxe Rooms with flights and transfers from the cheapest departure airport or all-inclusive accommodation with no travel. 

Dates # Of Nights Flights Included? Price Enquire
01/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2770.00 Enquire
02/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2722.00 Enquire
03/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2689.00 Enquire
04/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2637.00 Enquire
05/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2604.00 Enquire
06/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2591.00 Enquire
07/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2558.00 Enquire
08/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2525.00 Enquire
15/12/2024 7 Yes (MAN) £3052.00 Enquire
22/12/2024 7 Yes (MAN) £5981.00 Enquire
29/12/2024 7 Yes (EDI) £6603.00 Enquire
05/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £5581.00 Enquire
12/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £5581.00 Enquire
19/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £5581.00 Enquire
26/01/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £5594.00 Enquire
02/02/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £3659.00 Enquire
09/02/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £3648.00 Enquire
16/02/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £4290.00 Enquire
23/02/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £4127.00 Enquire
02/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £3714.00 Enquire
09/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £3393.00 Enquire
16/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2979.00 Enquire
23/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2992.00 Enquire
24/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2966.00 Enquire
25/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2930.00 Enquire
26/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2911.00 Enquire
27/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2894.00 Enquire
28/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2902.00 Enquire
29/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2908.00 Enquire
30/03/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2872.00 Enquire
31/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2843.00 Enquire
01/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2793.00 Enquire
02/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2770.00 Enquire
03/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2849.00 Enquire
04/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2793.00 Enquire
05/04/2025 7 Yes (EDI) £2858.00 Enquire
06/04/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £2805.00 Enquire
07/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2656.00 Enquire
08/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2595.00 Enquire
09/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2557.00 Enquire
10/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2568.00 Enquire
11/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2531.00 Enquire
12/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2517.00 Enquire
13/04/2025 7 Yes (DUB) £2541.00 Enquire
14/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2487.00 Enquire
15/04/2025 7 Yes (EDI) £2485.00 Enquire
16/04/2025 7 Yes (BRS) £2445.00 Enquire
17/04/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2436.00 Enquire
18/04/2025 7 Yes (MAN) £2431.00 Enquire
19/04/2025 7 Yes (MAN) £2434.00 Enquire
20/04/2025 7 Yes (LGW) £2348.00 Enquire

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