Hotel Quebec Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada

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From £1923 PP (For 7 Days)
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  • Heated pool
  • Outdoor jacuzzi
  • Hammam
  • Nordic spa
  • Children’s clubs
  • All-Inclusive resort

Club Med's first North American Mountain Resort, where sea and mountains meet, is located in the Charlevoix Region in Québec. The resort offers a ski experience that will impress even the most experienced skiers. Architecturally designed with a contemporary and traditional Canadian style, our Resort is perched in the heart of the region, immersed in the unspoiled natural landscape with amazing views of the St. Lawrence River. A wide array of activities are offered year-round to experience the region's ever-changing landscape, with each season with trails for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

Accommodation & Transport
It's all included in the price accommodation at our resorts and you have the option to book your flights with us. If you decide to book your package with flights then direct transfers to and from the resort to the airport is included in the price therefore less stress and money trying to organise transfers.
Gourmet cuisine and open bar
When it comes to meals, our all-inclusive deals include delicious cuisine, including speciality restaurants with waiter service. Enjoy a glass of wine, beer or soft drinks with your meal. Including an open bar which offers a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages – it’s all included in the price.

Terroir & Co

In the evening, Terroir & Co takes on the appearance of a speciality restaurant where melted cheese and charcuterie take pride of place. Enjoy a fondue with local cheeses that will delight every foodie.
Dinner "à la carte" and on reservation.

Le Marché

The buffet at the centre of the restaurant has the look of a market hall with its pale golden wooden flooring. Having done justice to the local and international cuisine, all you have to do is find the best spot to enjoy it. You'll be spoilt for choice! Five restaurant dining rooms with five different ambiances: La Laiterie, La Moisson, La Légende, L’Orée des Bois and L'Accalmie. Each of these spaces celebrates one of the basic elements of gastronomy, such as hunting, fishing, agriculture, foraging and livestock farming.

Le Chalet

Like a table d'hôtes with an amazing view of the St Lawrence River, Le Chalet promises a unique and intimate experience. At the crossroads between the traditional and the modern, the culinary art of Québec is constantly reinventing itself. With every meal, you can enjoy the elegant and colourful decor open to the ever-changing view of the river below.
Late breakfast or lunch, boards to share in the evening, Le Chalet adapts to everyone's desires without reservation.

Bar Le Météore

It's the beating heart of the Resort Enjoy a drink with your partner on the mezzanine, get together on the comfortable sofas beside the bar, watch the shows in the evening, bask in the sun on the terrace... Le Météore is lively whatever the time of day. The comfortable, colourful atmosphere creates a bright cosy ambiance, overlooking the surrounding landscape through large picture windows.

Bar Le Chalet

The bar in the centre of the Gourmet Lounge is the perfect place to begin or end the evening. The intimate lighting that reflects the style and colours of Quebecois culture creates the ideal conditions for a special time. With friends, with your partner or with the family, these places are designed for enjoyment and sharing.

La Cave

The perfect place for tasting the region's great wines with connoisseurs. Red, white and sparkling wines, spirits or local beer discover a wide selection of regional products.
The opportunity to reserve a private lounge and enjoy tastings.

Lessons & mountain guide
All our Club Med ski resorts offer ski lessons for beginners and mountain guides for the more experienced skiers with professional english speaking instructors. Groups are arranged according to the different levels beginner, intermediate or advanced for both Skiing and snowboarding.
Ski pass & Ski equipment*
When you book a 7 night package with Club Med your ski pass is included and available at reception on your arrival. Therefore no time to waste and get skiing straight away. Rent your equipment, at an extra cost, with ski rooms and heated locker rooms available to store your ski & snowboard equipment.
Kids Clubs & Childcare
At Club Med we aim to make it an unforgettable ski experience for families. Our professional staff at our Kids Clubs will help make sure children enjoy every second of their holiday... Making new friends and learning to ski with professional instructors. Kids Clubs available from 4 months - 17 years
Apres Ski & Entertainment
Skiing and snowboarding might be a large part of your ski holiday but at Club Med we also make sure we take care of the rest. Relax by the indoor pool, enjoy the day at the spa or relax by the bar with a cocktail and enjoy the live band and evening shows put on by our professional G.O's.


Rooms types available:
Superior rooms
Deluxe rooms
Suites (Exclusive Collection)
The room concepts are inspired by the winter palette of the quilt. They are all
imagined comfortable, warm, with truly-Quebecer accents and in harmony
with the woody landscape in which they are located.

Superior rooms
Available in single rooms, family, interconnecting or
mobility accessible
Up to 4 people
From 30 to 38m²
Balcony in all rooms

Deluxe rooms
Available in single rooms, family or interconnecting ones
Up to 5 people
From 38 to 45m²
Balcony in all rooms
View of the river

Located in the 5T Exclusive Collection Space
Available in Couple Suites or Family Suites
Up to 5 people
From 51 to 68m²Balcony in all rooms
View of the river

Our View

Brand new for Winter 2021/22 season, this unique resort where mountains meet the sea is a must for spectacular scenery.

Travel Arrangements

Available as all-inclusive accommodation with flights and transfers from most UK airports or with your own travel arrangements.

Prices are based on superior rooms with flights and transfers from the cheapest departure airport. If superior rooms are unavailable the price is based on an upgraded room type.
Dates # Of Nights Flights Included? Price Enquire
29/11/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2047.00 Enquire
30/11/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2047.00 Enquire
01/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £1923.00 Enquire
05/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2881.00 Enquire
06/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2940.00 Enquire
07/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2967.00 Enquire
08/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £2810.00 Enquire
12/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £3497.00 Enquire
13/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £3758.00 Enquire
14/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £4206.00 Enquire
15/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £3900.00 Enquire
19/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £4929.00 Enquire
20/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £5280.00 Enquire
21/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £5431.00 Enquire
22/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £5329.00 Enquire
26/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £4358.00 Enquire
27/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £4299.00 Enquire
28/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £4239.00 Enquire
29/12/2024 7 Yes (LHR) £4070.00 Enquire
02/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3296.00 Enquire
03/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3120.00 Enquire
04/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3023.00 Enquire
05/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2932.00 Enquire
09/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2780.00 Enquire
10/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2780.00 Enquire
11/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2780.00 Enquire
12/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2786.00 Enquire
16/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
17/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
18/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
19/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
23/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
24/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
25/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2759.00 Enquire
26/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
30/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
31/01/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
01/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
02/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
06/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2753.00 Enquire
07/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2583.00 Enquire
08/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2577.00 Enquire
09/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2663.00 Enquire
13/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3777.00 Enquire
14/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £4055.00 Enquire
15/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £4035.00 Enquire
16/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3892.00 Enquire
20/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2947.00 Enquire
21/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2928.00 Enquire
22/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2759.00 Enquire
23/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2853.00 Enquire
27/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3006.00 Enquire
28/02/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3092.00 Enquire
01/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3177.00 Enquire
02/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3152.00 Enquire
06/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3048.00 Enquire
07/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3104.00 Enquire
08/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3083.00 Enquire
09/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3023.00 Enquire
13/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2697.00 Enquire
14/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2648.00 Enquire
15/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2658.00 Enquire
16/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2663.00 Enquire
20/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3224.00 Enquire
21/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3319.00 Enquire
22/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3413.00 Enquire
23/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £3298.00 Enquire
27/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2633.00 Enquire
28/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2800.00 Enquire
29/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2701.00 Enquire
30/03/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2690.00 Enquire
03/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2698.00 Enquire
04/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2703.00 Enquire
05/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2985.00 Enquire
06/04/2025 7 Yes (LHR) £2907.00 Enquire

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