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Sweden has a handful of ski resorts that offer an alternative to the crowded slopes of France and Italy. While Sweden might not be the first destination you consider when planning a skiing holiday, there’s a lot to like about the resorts, which tend to be down to Earth, friendly, and welcoming to all abilities. Here are a couple of Swedish ski resorts that you might want to visit.


Sweden’s largest ski resort is set high in the mountains, running alongside a frozen lake, and surrounded by snow-topped trees. The resort is popular with Swedes who take an unpretentious view to skiing, so you won’t see designer ski clothing or show-offs on the slopes. The resort has reliable snow, and caters mostly to the beginner and intermediate crowd, who’ll like the friendly, supportive atmosphere on the piste. 
After a long day on the slopes, there’s a lively après-ski scene in Åre, with cosy bars and international. Sweden isn’t the cheapest place to visit, but prices in Åre are comparable to many of Europe’s major ski resorts. There are a few nightclubs open until the small hours, and non-skiers will be able to enjoy a diverse range of unusual activities, from ice fishing to ice climbing. 


Vemdalen offers 49KM of downhill slopes, meaning it’s uncrowded, and offers something for everyone. However, it’s beginners who will most like this friendly ski resort, especially the youngest skiers. Children as young as three can strap on their skis and take lessons, and Swedish youngsters often take to the slopes not long after they learn to walk, so you may find yourself envying the skills of a small child. There is also a bit of guided off-piste skiing to be had if you need more of a challenge, and some night skiing to enjoy with spectacular views. 
Stay in Vemdalen and you’ll have access to three main ski areas, making the ski pass excellent value for money. This family-friendly resort is fairly quiet in the evenings, although there are some nice Swedish and international restaurants, and in addition to downhill skiing you can rent snow mobiles, enjoy kid friendly activities, visit the two snowboarding parks, or enjoy cross country skiing.
Those looking for somewhere a little different to ski might want to consider Sweden as a destination. Its resorts are perhaps less glamorous, but the people are friendly, the emphasis is on having fun on the slopes, and there’s a nice atmosphere. From busy resorts such as Åre, to the many smaller resorts barely known outside of Sweden, you’re bound to find a hidden gem. 

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