Skiing’s awesome, isn’t it? Hurtling down icy hills at whirlwind speeds, veering round corners on a knife-edge; skiing is no doubt amazing to watch. But other times, it’s utterly hysterical.

We’ve pulled together a collection of funny skiing clips – there are some real gems in there. Fret not – we don’t laugh at severe injuries, but happily, all the avid skiers in the below clips were able to walk away unharmed (phew).

#1 Funny Backflip Skiing Accident

This vid has been voted by the unofficial staff as the number 1 funniest video clip. This is what happens when a back flip goes wrong. Oops.

#2. I’m Skiin’ Down to Gorrona

This dude just likes swishin’ down the slope.

#3 Funny Kid’s Ski Crash

Oops. There was no stopping this one.

#4 How Not to Ski

Gravity always wins.

# 5 Pizza… Do a Pizza

Damn. Now we want pizza after watching this.

# 6 Learning to Ski

Bet this novice skier didn’t quite expect this to happen…

# 7 Stick to the Snow

There’s something to be said for keeping skiing to the snow…