The World’s Top 5 Worst Ski Crash Videos to Date

Everyday there are over 300 fatal life-threatening injuries which end up in a visit to the hospital. We’ve brought together some of the most thrill gripping videos from amateur to professional skiing accidents across the world. Be prepared to view skiing in its fearless glory.

Number 1:

Not for the faint hearted, this spine tingling fall taken from various angles, has to be the worst we’ve ever seen! During the World Extreme Skiing Championships, Garrett Bartelt tumbles down a huge mountain in Alaska. With fellow skiers at hand to help, there’s not much anyone can do at the scene to stop this horrendous accident. The fall just never ends…

Number 2:

This compilation of 10 rather severe crashes has got hundreds of thousands of viewers clasping the edge of their seat in anticipation.

Number 3:

Someone clearly didn’t use 360° perception in this video where a skier collides into a number of people at top speed after failing to come to a stop.

Number 4:

Attempting a 30ft jump, this little 7-year-old boy suffered multiple fractures and was unable to walk for months. Luckily, his sense of humour saw him through the terrible accident.

Number 5:

This sudden skiing slip up caught on camera by a group of lads demonstrates a hilarious attempt at stopping. With his body tumbling down the hill and his skis flying into the air, that must have fractured a bone or two.