Ski enthusiasts will know that there’s nothing more relaxing than spending time on the slopes. Choose a quiet day, and all you can hear is the zipping of your skis on the snow, as you look out over spectacular mountain view. It’s no surprise then to hear that many resorts are now offering snow yoga, otherwise known as snowga, to visitors who want to relax, warm up their muscles, and increase their flexibility, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

What is snow yoga?

Snow yoga’s poses are very similar to those you’ll find in your local yoga class, but adapted for outdoor use. Some classes will use the features of the ski slopes, from tree stumps to rocks, to get into certain poses. Because you’re standing in snow, it can be easier to get into certain poses, and the softness of the snow is the perfect mat if you do slip!

Some classes, especially in the beginning stages, are more easy-going and meditative. They teach you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area, and enjoy touching and playing with the snow. The types of snow yoga offered really vary from resort to resort.

What are the benefits of snow yoga?

Snow yoga has many of the same benefits as normal yoga, and it depends on the sort of class you take. Many classes also involve a hike to and from the quiet yoga spot, which means you get some great cardio into the workout too. Some classes will also integrate cross country skiing, which is one of the best exercises for shedding calories.

In general, yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, which is helpful for skiers who want to improve their form. You’ll build muscle strength, allowing you to do activities such as skiing for longer, and can also improve your posture.

However, much of what snow yoga is about is getting back to nature. When you visit a ski resort, you may find you don’t really stop and take in the beauty of the place. If you fancy a quiet morning on your next ski holiday, then a session of ski yoga can be an excellent alternative to rushing around on the crowded slopes.

Where can I try snow yoga?

Snow yoga is only available in a few resorts, but it’s bound to become more popular over time. La Rosière, Sainte-Foy, and other resorts in the French Alps have snow yoga companies running classes, and you can take retreats in Norway and the Italian Alps. However, the ultimate destination for snow yoga is St Moritz in Switzerland, where the world’s first yoga piste allows you to practice your poses.

If you love winter sports and yoga, then you can combine the two and enjoy the relaxation that snow yoga brings. Take a moment to really drink in your surroundings, and practice your yoga moves in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you’re already a yoga expert, you might just want to find a quiet clearing and try some of your favourite moves.