Oakley Flight Deck™ XL Snow Goggles

There is always somewhere to ski in Europe and I recently grabbed a few days in Zermatt between lockdown restrictions. It’s a great place Zermatt, with lovely traffic free cobbled streets and a complete break from the norm. The skiing is pretty special too with a wide variety of terrain from gnarly off piste, to moguls, to tree lined skiing and the wide glacier runs that are perfect for progressing those wide linked GS turns.

So I headed up the glacier for my first skiing of the new season with excitement. My boots clicked into trusty Head World Cup Rebels and off I went for a warm up few runs to get the old legs back in tune with the snow.
Obviously my purpose was a few days enjoyable skiing to get back into the groove of things but I was also test driving an item of equipment that is so essential and yet so overlooked in the ski world. Anyone who has skied in a white out will know exactly why. We’ve all been there; an eerily quiet mountain at altitude in a white out – no perspective at all and looking for day glow orange of a piste marker or listening for the “chuckachuckachucka” or a nearby chairlift. You stop and notice what appears to be a marmot running up the piste only to realise that it is a rock and you are sliding down. All perspective is lost and it’s all about vision.

You lose your vision and it ruins your skiing experience. That is why the right pair or two pairs of goggles/lenses is so important, one of poor light, one for bright light.
I purchased my Outdoor Master Pro ski goggles with an interchangeable lens system as a result of a recommendation from a friend of mine in Sun Peak resort, Canada. As the weather was overcast I was using the 29% VLT lens that offers HD vision with anti-fog coating. The clarity was superb, really sharp with 100% UV protection.

As the day became warmer the sun was in full strength and with a quick change of lens, and I mean quick, I had the lower 13.3% VLT lens in for brighter sunshine. The lens change system must be the quickest in the market as the lens are secured by a strong magnetic system yet it takes just seconds to swap lenses over – ideal if conditions keep changing.

For night skiing and whiteouts Outdoor Master also offer a clean lens and in addition they have some amazing sound quality wireless earphones that are helmet compatible.
In all in a great interchangeable ski goggle system with a variety of lenses; I for one am converted.