If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Kitzbuhel, then you’ll know what we’re talking about when we explain that Kitzbuhel makes for one of the best ski experiences- ever.

If you’ve been lucky enough in your lifetime to visit the beautiful Kitzbuhel, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when we explain that Kitzbuhel makes for one of the best ski experiences- ever.

What’s more, in the summertime, Kitzbuhel is a popular destination for downhill mountain bikers, mountain climbers and cyclists, due to the open roads, varied terrain and practical use of ski lifts.

In 2017, Kitzbuhel was home to the 2017 ETU European Triathlon Championships and has previously been home to the 2014 ETU European Triathlon Championships and also the base for competitive Junior level triathlons in 2016, and World Championship mountain bike events.

A sought-after location for many different sportsmen and women, Kitzbuhel really does have it all. Magnificent lakes, beautiful sights, excellent facilities, and when it comes to ski destinations, Kitzbuhel is definitely at the top its game.

Why ski in Kitzbuhel?

World Famous “Strief”

No doubt, if you’re an avid skier, you’ll have heard of the World famous “Strief”, often known as the Hahnenkamm, as its unofficial name. One of the best downhill ski race tracks (if not the best!) in the world, The Strief (or Hahnenkamm) is accessible to both adrenaline junkies and families with its two alternative gradients. That’s when it is not being used for professional racing, of course (an absolute must-see for any die-hard snow sports fan).

179 km of Varied Ski Slopes

In Kitzbuhel, the ski slopes really do suit all abilities, what’s more, there is a huge amount of well looked-after, great quality terrain!

With 54 cable cars, Kitzbuhel can cater for a lot of skiers and, luckily, due to the amount of space across the ski area, the resort never feels too crowded.

Historic town

Traffic free, cobbled and picturesque, Kitzbuhel is a beautiful place to visit and one that must be one of the prettiest in Austria.

What’s more, it must be one of the most traditional resorts in The Alps since skiing has been developing here since 1892.

Here at Snowfinders, we like to describe Kitzbuhel as quaint and interesting. We love looking around the church and the aesthetics of the attractive buildings in the village.

Ultimately, if there’s a member of the family that doesn’t go on your family ski holiday to ski (after all, they’re not scared, just [sensible?]….), they’ll be pleased that Kitzbuhel was chosen as your holiday location and will enjoy looking around.


Austrians are among the friendliest hosts around and their welcoming nature is apparent in Kitzbuhel, just as it is in other Austrian towns.

Going to Austria, you can be sure for a stay in lovely accommodation, as well as a promising après ski scene!

Where should you go for après-ski in Kitzbuhel?

Always lively, especially at the weekend! Kitzbuhel offers a great party!

We recommend:

  • Prax Keller bar (For liveliness)
  • The Londoner (For the pub feel!)
  • Praxmair and Kortschak cafes (For a perfect après ski café)

Whether you are looking for fast slopes or fast paced après-ski, Kitzbuhel is the ultimate ski location. Book your ski holiday in Kitzbuhel now to avoid disappointment!