If you were hoping to go skiing this February but haven’t got round to booking yet, or have found that the prices extend way above your budget, then don’t panic! Have you thought about having a ski holiday at Easter instead?

At Snowfinders, we think that Easter is a great alternative to February half-term skiing. Not only are the Easter holidays longer so you’ll have more holiday options, there are numerous more reasons why Easter is a fabulous alternative to February half-term skiing. Take a look at the following five reasons why you may want to consider skiing at Easter rather than February half-term:
It’s cheaper!
That’s right, it is cheaper to go skiing in the Easter holidays than during February half-term. So why not save yourself a dollar or two- and put them towards your chocolate Easter eggs instead! 

Warmer days
Although, it is a known fact that you don’t tend to get cold whilst you’re skiing (all that energy you are expending keeps you warm, of course!), it is tempting to go on holiday at a time when the weather conditions are a bit milder. What’s more, you’ll get a better face tan too when the sun’s up!
So, at the end of a long day, it might be a bit easier to take your ski gear off and brace the climate in Easter over February. 
Longer days
At Easter, the days are undoubtedly longer than in February and, not only will you feel more lively, happy and positive when the days are lighter (no-one likes a dull winter’s day, of course!), you’ll get better value for money too!

Less crowds
A clear advantage, crowds can sometimes be one of the pitfalls of skiing during school holidays. But, since Easter offers a quieter period than February, you may want to consider an Easter break where you’ll probably get a few more clear runs.
There’s still great snow in higher resorts
Despite popular belief, there is still great snow in the higher ski resorts, even though, at Easter, we may be coming towards the end of the ski season. 
So, don’t think you’ll end up with a no-snow-show at Easter, simply pick a higher resort and you’re good to go!
Easter Ski Holidays from Snowfinders

At Snowfinders, we think that you can still have a fabulous ski holiday at Easter, and save a bit of money along the way!
It’s not to say that we think Easter is a better time to ski than February (each month has its own advantages, of course!), we just feel that you shouldn’t write-off Easter as being a worse time to ski.
So why not grab a bargain from Snowfinders  and hit the slopes this Easter?