We’ve picked up several handy skiing tips and tricks – or “lifehacks” , as we like to call them – that can make your skiing holiday even better without weighing you or your pockets down.

Amidst meals, lift tickets and hiring equipment, your trip to the slopes is costly enough.  Here at Snow Finders, we love skiing and over the years, we’ve picked up several handy skiing tips and tricks – or “lifehacks” , as we like to call them – that can make your skiing holiday even better without weighing you or your pockets down.

1.) Make Your Mobile Weather-Proof

Freezing weather can wreak havoc on your mobile phone, especially when it hammers it down. Sandwich bags are a fuss-free, cost-effective solution – compared to specially designed covers – for keeping your phone dry when harsh weather strikes. You could even use these nifty bags for housing other items, such as piste maps and first aid pieces.

2.) Pack Some Teabags

There’s nothing worse than the post-ski-slope stench of clothes and ski boots when you’re journeying back to your hotel or chalet. The solution? Place some tea bags into your boots – they’ll absorb most of the pong. What’s more, teabags are also useful for placing on newly-forming blisters to prevent them from bursting. Not only that, you’ll always be able to enjoy a spontaneous cuppa wherever you are.

3.) Demist Goggles with a Hair Dryer

Sure, you could defog your ski goggles with saliva or shop-bought products. But there’s an easier way – and you’ll find it in your bathroom: the trusty hair dryer. All you need do is dry your goggles using the dryer and witness the magic happen. An even better perk of this trick is that your goggles will be all toasty on your head when you go back into the snow.

4.) Make Wool Insoles for Your Ski Boots

Ski boots are notoriously uncomfortable, with insoles being hard rather than soft and cushioned. So, try making your very own woollen insoles. Simply get a piece of decent, thick wool (such as from an old jumper) and trace the boot’s insole. Next, cut it out and place it inside your boots. The result? Cosy, happy feet - thanks to the extra insulation. What’s more, you’ll have added cushioning, making hard landings a little less impactful. Your feet will no doubt thank you.

5.) Take an Old Watch with You

Tie an old watch to the end or strap of your ski pole – that way, you won’t have to take your gloves off to tell the time. A quick glance down and - hey presto - it’s time for après ski!

6.) Keep Belongings Close to Hand with Straps

We’ve all lost gloves, scarves and hats when we’ve been out on the slopes. But you needn’t worry anymore. It’s time to strap your gloves – and other belongings - to the sleeve of your jacket using sheet straps, otherwise known as sheet suspenders. You’ll find these in most retail stores and they can be removed simply without being placed under an armpit or losing them forever. Another idea is to use lanyards or carabiners to tie your belongings to your trousers or coat, which will guarantee nothing slips off while you’re skiing or falling from a chairlift.

7.) Pack Clothing into Gloves and Boots

Sounds simple, right? But not many people have discovered this helpful hack. By placing clothes into your boots and gloves, you’ll save space as well as protect frail items like glasses or ski goggles. Better still, it helps maintain the shape of your boots and other clothes, as packed equipment won’t be damaged as easily during harsh luggage handling.