Driving to The Alps can save you a considerable amount of cash when it comes to your ski holiday, here are 10 things to take when driving to The Alps!

Driving to The Alps can save you a considerable amount of cash when it comes to your ski holiday, particularly when traveling in a group or as a family. However, when you decide to drive to The Alps you are taking on more of the travel responsibility yourself and will therefore need useful items to hand that can help you if any issues arise, particularly associated with the impractical weather conditions!

If you have decided that driving to The Alps is the best budget saving method for you to enjoy your ski holiday, take a look at the following 10 items not to forget when driving to The Alps!

Credit card

You’ll need your credit card to hand to pay for the road tolls during your journey. Because a car journey to The Alps will take around, or in excess of, 12 hours, you’ll probably want to use the main roads for most, if not all, of your journey. The total cost of a return journey on the French motorways to The Alps is approximately £130. Of course, there are other roads that you can take, however, they are likely to significantly increase your journey time.

Snow chains

You may be required to put snow chains on the wheels of your car when you arrive in snowy, mountainous areas. You must purchase snow chains that are the right fit for your car and store them in the boot on your journey. Although you can buy snow chains in European supermarkets and petrol stations, it is best to buy them before you go for the perfect fit.

Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are useful for just about anything and, will be particularly handy (excuse the pun!) when putting your snow chains on, saving you from getting dirty hand and sleeves.

Accident kit

When driving in Europe, having an accident kit stored in your car is essential. An accident kit should, at minimum, comprise of a warning triangle, a high vis vest and a first aid kit.

Breathalyser test kit

Many people aren’t always aware that it is compulsory in France to carry a breathalyser test kit. An on-the-spot fine will be issued for compulsory items that are not carried on your journey.

Map and Sat Nav system

We are so lucky nowadays that we have access to Sat Nav systems that can significantly reduce our journey times. However, don’t forget the map, should any roads not register on the system or the technology stops working for whatever reason.

Headlight deflectors

Another compulsory piece of equipment for road users in Europe is headlamp beam converters. They, ultimately, will prevent dazzling oncoming drivers from British headlamps by changing the direction of the beam to a direction suitable for driving on the right, rather than the left.

GB sticker

You’ll need to stick a GB sticker on your car as a compulsory rule when driving in Europe.

Food and water/drinks

Of course, you’ll probably have a stop or two, however, packing a few snacks and drinks won’t go amiss and may help you advance on your journey more quickly, as there will be less need to stop for breaks etc.  

Wipes and rubbish bags

Particularly if you have children, wipes and rubbish bags can prevent your car, and your children, getting in too much of a state!

Can we help you with anything else?

If you are driving to The Alps and would like some advice from Snowfinders, then please do not hesitate to give us a call! We’re experts when it comes to ski holidays and are happy to help!