Don't get caught out, get prepared with our handy list of what to take when on a chalet holiday. 

1.    Slippers – be the envy of your fellow guests and you relax in warmth.

2.    Head torch – fancy a read in bed whilst your partner wants to sleep off that chalet wine?

3.    First aid kit – bit of ralgex, few plasters, ibuprofen, Oilbas oil, resolve (for the morning after) etc

4.    Swiss army knife – Screw driver for binding tweaks not to mention the cork screw and bottle opener.

5.    Blistex – sore lip remedy like no other.

6.    Nail clippers – nothing worse than a long nail cutting a neighbouring toe in tightly fitting ski boots. Even worse still if it’s one of your children and you’ll never hear the last of it.

7.    Snacks – mini chocolate bars and nuts for a quick refill on the slopes when power levels drop and hunger hits performance.

8.    Piste rescue number and travel insurance number – place these in your phone contacts in case of emergency. Oh and don’t forget your EHIC (European health insurance card).

9.    Tea bags – those continental Lipton’s yellow bags are about as strong as Alan Carr with a cold. Take some proper Yorkshire tea with you.

10.    Jakemans lozenges. Take the taste of Jagermeister/Chartreuese/Grappa/Genepy away with these powerful beauties. No longer will you be the booze scented skier in the cable car with Jakemans (throat and chest are the best).