Snow – the best in 30 years?

The 2017/2018 ski season started with a bang, with snow covering most major ski resorts and giving many avid skiers the white Christmas we often hope for.

Ski Chalets with Swimming Pools

Snowfinders want all our ski holidays to go swimmingly. That’s why we have over 100 ski chalets with swimming pools available for your ski holiday!

7 Skiing Tips to Nullify Your Nerves on the Slopes

So, you’ve booked your skiing holiday. Great! But being paralysed by fear isn’t fun, whether you’re a newbie learning to ski or an expert trying out a new challenge. While there’s no “cure-all” for overcoming anxiety on the slopes, here are some techniques to use to curb your fear.

7 Reasons to Ski in Chamonix

Boasting beautiful scenery, fabulous ski conditions, quaint Alpine villages and the breathtaking Mont Blanc, it’s easy to see why snow sports enthusiasts come to Chamonix, year after year

Single Skiers: Go all inclusive

Whether you live alone or your partner doesn’t fancy a ski holiday, the fact that you are going on holiday alone should not mean you don’t take a ski holiday.

Spot light on Ski Total

Have you heard of Ski Total? If you are well accustomed to ski holidays, then you probably have! Ski Total are the ski chalet specialists. Here’s a spot light: